Bancário 2000 is one of the small miracles that proves that our decision to start up in Lisbon is right. The first of the two signs we got to day :-)

We like the Portuguese kitchen – but we’re not impressed. What we like are all the fantastic products you can get on the market. Products we rarely recognize in most of the local restaurants.

Today we did!

“Sorry sir! We don’t have that – I’m the menu”

These words came from Rico just before he grabbed my arm and guided me to the bottom of his very narrow snack bar.
We had just left our lawyers office and were on our way to the Notario Publico on Avenida Liberdad when my eyes fell on a group of very happy workers having lunch. The only thing that can make people as happy and joyful as they were is good food.
Bancário 2000

I expected to find the small kitchen most similar snack bar has.

But here I only found a small basin next to 3 gas stoves. One with a pot with Today’s Soup, one with red rice and one with a very good looking soup or stew made from octopus.

Rico lifted the lid and like the Genie in the Bottle we got carried away and placed at a table that popped up from the ground next to the group of local workers that we’re finishing their lunch.

How we got the table I don’t know. It was occupied only a few seconds before.

And how Rico managed to make the table, place the big pot of Octopus Stew and the beautiful Caneca in front of me without I even noticed it is one of the mysteries of you have to accept – and enjoy.

Our lunch we just had is the best in Portugal so far.

“Here is my card – next time call me before – then I make what you want.”

I’m not sure we will call – but we will definitely return.

Lunch for two including olives and bread, Caneca and two coffes 19 Euros.

Bancário 2000 2


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