Wine Lovers – Portrait of André Ribeirinho. The man behind

The man who put Wine online

Adegga lets you track your favorite wines and share your wine discoveries.

The idea of ​​this former computer is that behind every good wine there is a good story. That’s why I created the Addega, a platform that brings together a number of producers of excellence, and can prove and get elected.

André Ribeirinho in Noticias Magazine, 17 August 2015


Nine years ago a computer group operated a sort of revolution in the world of Portuguese wines.

With Addega signature, with two dd, the guys created a new business model: a platform online that allows you to get the best wines to the final consumer.


The Addega exists for so-called wine lovers, organizes markets with wine tasting, generate a social network around this and coming producers the public. The wines where national, can be ordered through the website at competitive prices.

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