Top 10 things to do in Lisbon according to AOL

What to see and do in Portugal’s capital city

Lisbon is packed with history and culture with a vibrant nightlight that’s sure to keep everyone busy. Its warm climate and spectacular mountainous location draws visitors in year after year, making it one of the most popular European capitals.

So when you’re visiting such a lively city, how should you know the best places to visit?

AOL teamed up with Turismo de Lisboa to bring you the top ten places to visit in Portugal’s capital city.

Ribeira is always on the lists. Forget about this market – Mercado de Campo de Orique is the real thing. Food is better, ambiance is better, the crowed is better – and you can reach it by taking tram #28 only two minutes from Tings Lisbon

Thomas comment to #2 on AOL’s list

Most of the lists we see are so far from the things we like and feel are important to do/to visit

There are hundreds of what-to-do-lists around. And more will follow. AOL’s new list is one of the first where we have seen where a few of our own favorites art topping like #2 Mercardo de Campo de Ourique and  #6 MUDE.

Crayons | Pencils | Créons


Getting lost in Lisbon’s fantastic street art (#8) is also one of our favorites but definitely not in Bairo alto.

We prefer to find our own artists and let them guide you through town. If you follow artists like VHILS (or the lesser known Crayons | Pencils | Créons) you will find parts of town the guide books or the what-to-do-lists never mention.


Street Art Tiles - Unterdog


Read AOL’s list here

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