The travelers European bucket list has changed

Lisbon is again topping the list of Europe’s most interesting travel destinations.

If you have asked us 5 years ago about the the most interesting cities to travel to we wouldn’t hesitate a second to list our own top 5: Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Copenhagen &  Paris.

If you ask us today our answer is completely different. Lisbon & Istanbul are topping our own list BUT there are some many ‘new’ cities we still haven’t been to.

European Best Destinations  is a European non profit making organization based in Brussels and developed to promote culture and tourism in Europe. In partnership with the participating tourism offices and the EDEN Network we promote a better understanding of the wealth, diversity and quality of European destinations.

Travel Destinations Europe top 10

European Best Destinations just published their list of the most interesting European Cities right now.

Bordeaux is topping the list followed by Lisbon as #2. None of the classic European is top #10.

Agree… lists are difficult. There a so many ways of doing them, so many interests behind them and so many ways to interpret the results. But after having seen at least 20 different lists the last 3-4 years we know one thing: Lisbon is topping them all 🙂

We still like our old favorite, but at the same time we find it very inspiring to see all these – to us – new and still unknown destinations.

See the whole list here


20 selected destinations competed for the prestigious title of Best European Destination 2015. After a three weeks’ period of online voting, Bordeaux is elected the Best European Destination 2015 and won this prestigious title.

Lisbon, Athens, Valetta, Riga, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Innsbruck, Milan, Brussels, Vienna, Rome, Barcelone, Istanbul and Madrid are the next best destinations for a holiday or city-trip in 2015.

We thank all the participants from Tourism Offices, community managers of social networks and the 244,696 voters who made their choice and influenced the result !


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