Lisbon’s best view points according to WeLoveLisbon – but our favorite is missing

Miradouro Do Monte Agudo is our favorite view point.

We don’t know why. But this little pearl isn’t on WeLoveLisbons list of the best view points in town.

Our ‘own’ Miradouros Do Monte & Graca are on the list. And Saanta Clara 5 minutes walk from Tings Lisbon,  too.

But for some reason the Miradouro do Monte Agudo in Penha de Franca only 5 minutes walk from Tings Lisbon on Rue do Monte isn’t.

Miradouro Do Monte Agudo . Cafe

The view from Monte Agudo is different. But the sunsets are stunning!

We go there to hang out and enjoy a snack and a glass of wine (Annette) & Beer (Thomas). The Café Esplanada has a small but very good menu with excellent local wines.

Miradouro Do Monte Agudo is not only the best place to see the sun sets – its also a fantastic place to sit and read a book in the shade, hold hands or just do nothing but watching the relaxed ambiance. Tourists still haven’t found this small oasis.

WeLoveLisbon’s is a good website to start your holiday. Check out their list of view points here.


Miradouro Do Monte Agudo LOGO


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