Don’t get frightened by the drug dealers in Lisbon…


A demonstrator during the a Marijuana Rally in Lisbon May 7, 2011 – Reuters

Portugal’s drug policy is among the most progressive in the world.

Travelers returning from their visit to Lisbon often tells the most fantastic stories about how the hash dealers almost put marijuana in peoples pockets on the most touristic and crowded parts of town – and often while the police are next to them.

In 2001 the Portuguese government change its approach to the drug problem. Mat Vaillancourt  writes about this ‘revolution’ on Medium.

The framework was simple but the idea was radical — that people who are drug users would be seen not as criminals but as people who have a medical problem. The relentless cat and mouse game between police and drug users was ended.

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Except for a few occasions we haven’t heard about travelers that have had problems with the dealers. And the ones we’ve heard about are prom travelers that ended up paying af fortune for compressed dark bread 🙂

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Just in case 🙂
Tings is a non smoking place – that also includes Marijuana! And we do NOT encourage people to smoke….

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