To our Dutch friends – lots of inspiration in VT-Wonen’s September issue

14 very inspirational pages about Lisbon in VT Wonen

We’re not Dutch – but as the written Dutch is a bit similar to Danish we understand must of the the story in VT Wonen’s Lisbon feature in its September issue.

The text isn’t really that important. All the super pictures speak for themselves.

VTwonen September Lissabon ex 72 - 73

VTwonen September Lissabon ex 74 - 75

VTwonen September Lissabon ex 76 - 77

VTwonen September Lissabon ex 78 - 79

VTwonen September Lissabon ex 80 - 81

VTwonen September Lissabon ex 82 - 83

VTwonen September Lissabon ex 84 - 85

VT Wonen is an shop similar to Ikea . Their magazine’s feature stories focus on all aspects of  interior design, decoration & furniture.

As we are in the process of reconstructing – and hopefully soon furnishing and decorating  our house in Rua Da Senhora Do Monte  – the Lisbon feature in the September issue is very inspirational to us.


Thanks to our dear friend Beata Wiggen for sharing


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