My first Birthday in Lisbon was really strange – BUT SUPER

Monday I celebrated my strangest birthday ever!

We usually don’t celebrate our birthdays. We spoil each other with good food and a small present. If we are with friends its something that happens spontaneously.

Our plan this year was to arrive in Lisbon Sunday, get up early on Monday and get our 25 cargo boxes we send from Copenhagen 3 weeks ago with our personal belongings we haven’t seen for ages, unpack them and start furnishing our new flat in Graca with vibrations, spirituality, memories and surprises from our travels around the world together.

That did not happen.

Qatar Airways got delayed in Kathmandu which meant that we missed our connecting flight to Europe.  So we had to stay over and wait for the first flight at 7:45 the following morning – on my birthday.

That sucked – waking up in Doha is NOT something I like.


As always – nothing is so bad that it isn’t good for something.

We experienced this saying when we arrived at the airport – we got upgraded to business class. So instead of sitting cramped together on monkey class as we always do I relaxed in my bed with a good book, excellent music (I haven’t heard Axis Bold as Love for ages!) sipping champagne NON STOP and enjoying Qatar Airways’ excellent food.

What a present.

I was a little tipsy when we arrived. The weather was fantastic. And the taxi driver was civilized – not the criminal kind that takes travelers on a Tour de Lisbon that triples the prize you destination really costs.

I could sit back and relax and let Lisbon take over.

So it did – I have never felt so much at home as I did when we arrived at Lago do Graça and climbed the stairs to our very small flat.

That was my second present.

When we entered the flat it was like home – but with out our belongings we send from Copenhagen.

Our 7 monks from Myanmar can climb our stairs? Annette was already unpacking in her mind.

And our big Green Tara from Dharamsala can sit here I suggested.

And what about Eva’s lotus Flower Carpet?

And can I give you your present now? – It was Annette with a small Tings jewelry box in her hand

I opened it and found a beautiful ring for my finger and piercing for my ear. Both her own design with stones from Scott Market in Yangon and made by her fantastic silver smiths in Kathmandu.

That was my 3rd present.

Annettes ring and ear piercing

Click on the picture

I won’t mention my 4th present here. And the 5th present one – the dinner at the so-called best Chinese restaurant in Portugal – isn’t worth mentioning (for other reasons).

Still the day ended being one to remember. Absolutely fantastic.


Yesterday I got my Birthday Bonus

Due to all our travelling (and my crashed mobile) I didn’t go online on my birthday.

So I was very curious to read my B-Day greetings when I woke up at 4:30 am yesterday.

It was overwhelming – No matter where I clicked, which Social Net work I entered there we’re kind words. There we’re so many that I couldn’t cope with them. I had to write them down.

I took me almost 4 hours to list all the greetings – then I had a document in front of me with names, nationalities, countries they we’re send from and a lot of fantastic quotes.

Knowing how the situation is here in Europe – with the miserable refugees and the religious ignorance I feel very privileged to have received greetings from friends of all colors, all religions, LGBT’s & straights, all ages, all political orientations (BUT NO FACISTS) from more than 20 countries in all continents.

When everything is written down on a list in a document you notice things you wouldn’t otherwise see.

  • I am a hippie!
  • My friends are spreading online. I got a lot of messages from other social networks than Facebook: Twitter, LinkedIN, Skype, G+ Instagram…  and compared to previous years more of my friends used a personal message instead of writing on the wall. I like this trend 🙂
  • The oldest friend I received messages from is from the kinder garden in Vesterbro in the mid 60s. The oldest friend was funnily enough his Mom.
  • Then I got messages from old colleagues, old staff, old bosses, business relations in general, fellow travelers from all over the world and all my buddies from the Copenhagen Nightlife since the 70s.
  • I don’t know about you. But I didn’t feel like being friends with my parents generation. So what a pleasant surprise to find all the super greetings from not only Kasper’s friends – there were also several from my friends sons and daughters – several of them have visited us in Kathmandu and/or somewhere on the road.
    What a privilege.
  • One more thing – how many of you appears in your friends sex fantasies – Or how many of you know you do? Well I didn’t until I received this one from a my dear gay friend: Masser af Tillykke. . Savner dig. The Greatest DILF of all…
  • Another surprise. Some of the things you leave behind when you move to another part of the world is you business network. I feel I’m pretty good to staying in touch. Still it warmed my heart when an old business friend I haven’t been in touch with for a very long time writes: Hej Thomas. Tillykke med dagen – alt for længe siden vi har sludret  – in all it’s simplicity a text like this means a lot. It shows that you’re not completely forgotten.
  • Then there are all the friends I didn’t hear from. A lot of you reached me in my dreams – or popped up while I sipped Champagne in the plane. Then there are all of you old schoolers who refuse to accept the fact that the WEB is here to stay. And then there are all the friends I have pissed off because I can’t keep my mouth shot – lets call them ex-friends
  • I have to highlight two groups of messages.
    First – the ones from all our Nepalese friends. You have no idea about how difficult Kathmandu is to live in. I do my best NOT TO get completely crazy – still I explode with anger when things get out of hand.
    Luckily I haven’t scared you away 😉 You mean everything to me.Second – in August we entered a new chapter of our life by moving to Lisbon where we will stay half of the time. We already have friends here – but to see the first messages from new friends we’ve met the last 12 moths are very encouraging. I warn you – as soon as its possible we will invite you to our fantastic house in Rua do Senhora do Monte – also if its only a ruin.

From today its business as usual.

We still have all our belongings stored away somewhere in Loures. We will get them if the rain stops.

The biggest thing I have to do today is very small. I have to register TingsLisbon on Google Business. Yesterday got the verification code you need to set up everything on Google Maps, YouTube etc.

Then we have a meeting with Luis – our architect. While we have been away he has had meetings with all the offices that have to approve our reconstruction plans for Rua Senhora do Monte. Hopefully we will get closer to a ‘timing’ soon.

And tonight I will experiment with items for the menu in the future lounge in Tings Lisbon: We brought Saffron from Nepal – want to combine this fantastic spice with the local seafood and make a Paella….

Unlimited thanks for making my day so fantastic,




Lisbon is bursting with African influences, attracting a diverse crowd to unusual, mainly outdoor venues. Local DJs and musicians give us the lowdown.

Batida is one of the DJ’s we listen to – his music makes you happy

The track is of course on Tings Neverending Compilation

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