Portugal is the highest ranking European country on Best-Quality-Expat-Life list.

AngloINFO is an online network providing local English-language information services to expatriates worldwide…

On 23 September AngloINFO publishe the list of quality of life for expats.

Singapore tops the list.

Portugal is the highest ranking European country ahead of France and Spane

AngloINFO is the world’s largest network of websites for English-speakers living abroad. It operates in many regions within countries around the world providing vital support and information to the local international communities.

Its local websites provide detailed day-to-day support to people living in a particular region while its national websites are specifically geared to addressing the needs of those who are in the process of moving, or looking to move.

AI Portugal

Considering moving to Portugal?

Get an overview of relevant issues for foreigners setteling in Portugal on AngloINFO’s Portigal page here.

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