One of our favorite squares – Largo do Intendente – ‘Spotted By Locals’

Intendente – Multi-kulti, Tutti-Frutti

Intendente is the Portuguese Neuköln. Although the idea of a dark strange place, filled with people on drugs and prostitutes is still present, the truth is that the caterpillar is undergoing a process of metamorphosis and turning into a beautiful funky butterfly.

Read Mariana de Oliveira Mira‘s story here


Intendente (1)


Largo Intendente is only 10 minutes walk down from Tings Lisbon.

Intendente is definitly one of the most interesting places in Lisbon right now – for the same reasons as Mariana de Oliveira Mira mentions.

Our favorit place is the very lively and still hidden gem Casa Intendente which shy doesn’t mention

Its also on Largo Intendent you find one of the most beautiful tiled facades in Lisbon: Fábrica Viúva Lamego which is topping the list at #3  of Lisbon’s Most Beautiful Facades.



Thomas enjoys a cold beer at ‘O das Joanas’ on Largo Intendente


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