We have been playing in the kitchen – just created 4 different Hummus


The menu at Tings Lisbon will not be big. It will be healthy, fresh and affordable. You can enjoy the items as snacks and/or combine them as a whole meal.


Nothing happens with the house these days

We have NO workers, no staff and no guests. So no wonder that our friends think we’re on holiday.

But we actually work a lot. With the construction plans, with researching all the constructions materials, with the interior design, with all the online stuff like setting up websites and social networks and blogging, with meeting relevant people from the hospitality industry and all the legal matters related not only to the Tings business – but also all the legal stuff from our privat life.

Add to that our work with Tings in Kathmandu that starts very early in the morning due to the time difference.


Tings Kitchen Menu Idea Hummos 1

Hummus Variations. From top to bottom: Olive Hummos, Anchoive/Capers Hummos & Sundried Tomato/Basil Hummus


Even our evenings are work related

This is the time when we play in the kitchen with the ideas that eventually will end up on on menu. None of us are chefs – so like most all the other diciplins involved in running a hotel and cafe we have to learn it all from scratch. So that’s what we do.

And we love it – we love playing food. Especially when we come up with recipes  that our guests like.

Like the green hummus Thomas dreamed a few months ago. He litteraly jumped out of bed, went to the kitchen, took our home made pesto and mixed it with our home made hummus. Voila – a hit was born.

Our guests in Kathmandu love it.

Half of our menu we know already – the items we and our international guests in Kathmandu love. Like our Tings Pizza (which aren’t real pizzas), our summer rolls and various sandwiches.

The other half are items that are based on what’s available in the country. Like fish, seafood, fresh vegetables here in Portugal that give us possibilities that we don’t have in Himalaya.

One of the ingredients that we use in Nepal and which is very much in use also here in Portugal, is Chick Peas.


We want to make a Hummus theme

Since we arrived in August we have played with ideas to extend our hummus variations. Every time we went shopping new ideas popped up.

Tonight we created 3 of them – and we really like them.

The black one in the top picture is our Olive Hummus. The one in the middle is our Anchovi / Caperbery Hummus. And the one in the bottom is our Sun Dried Tomato Hummus. All of them are delicious – we eat them with fresh lettuche and our homemade bread – or as toppings of a basic piece of meat like a grilled chicken breast.

We also created a dark-horse

We had some wasabi left over from our tuna sashimi yesterday. Thomas took it and mixed it with chick peas, ginger and a stash of Kikoman. It’s delicious. We just don’t know how to serve it. Maybe with Nori – the Japanese name for the edible seaweed species – we will try that version out tomorrow.

Bon Appetite


Tings Kitchen Menu Idea Hummos 2

The Dark Horse: Wasabi/Ginger/Kikoman Hummus


Our philosophy is to use the local ingredients – those available just outside your door.

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