Our friend Fernando just introduced us to Golden Slumbers

Two sisters with a passion for grapefruit and folk music

Portugal music is much more than Fado.

The other day we went to see DJ Marfox who is one of the pioneers of The Ghetto Sound of Lisbon – a scene we we think is fantastic.

Today our friend Fernando posted this video with Golden Slumbers performing My Love is Drunk on Facebook – another fantastic genre we haven’t heard before here in Lisbon.

My Love is Drunk is Super track…

I found it on Soundcloud and added it to Tings Neverending Compilation. And to my positive surprice the girls have several very good songs. And a sound that is so far from what you normally expect coming from Lisbon.

Looking forward to check them out when we’re back from Kathmandu mid November(we fly to Nepal on Wednesday Morning)

Check out the Lisbon scenery from the rooftop where the My Love is Drunk Video is shot.

Thanx to Fernando for sharing…

Good night from Graca


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