Best of Lisbon: 10 best Secret Places

“The best secret places in Lisbon is the second of my “secret Lisbon” series, where I portray the less commercial, less known, less touristic side of Lisbon” Nelson Carvaleiro

From Nelson Carvalheiros Website.


This list is one of the better ones we have seen.

And fantastic for travelers returning to Lisbon



Nelson Carvaleiro’s 10 Best Secrets are

  • The Smallest Book Shop in the World
  • The Portugal Room at the Geographical Society of Lisbon
  • Street Tile Hunting
  • Sunrise over Alfarma
  • Menino de Deus Church
  • Palacio de la Fronteira
  • Tapada das Necessidades
  • Pombal Palace at the Carpe Diem Gallery
  • Deposito da Marinha Grande
  • Salt Cod Fisf Store at Manteigaria

Curious to know more about these recommendations? Check out his website


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