10 things to do in Lisbon according to The Daily News

Apart from the Portuguese themselves of course, travelers usually go surfing. Visit Lisbon and eat ‘bacalhau assado’, which is totally fine and a must to!

…according to Giulia Sci, Daily News 12 October 2o16


Guilla Sci’s list can easily start by taking Tram #28 in Graca only 3 minutes walk from Tings Lisbon

  1. Take a tour on the ‘Tram amarelo (yellow) 28’
  2. Visit the São Jorge’s Castle and one or more ‘miradores’
  3. Visit the ‘barrio de Belém’ and eat ‘Pastéis de Belém’
  4. Eat at the ‘Doca de Santos’
  5. Visit the ‘Oceanario’
  6. Sintra
  7. Discover, listen and enjoy the ‘Fado’
  8. Drink one (but even 2) ‘ginjinha’


  9. Scavenger hunt of ‘azulejo’ (Tiles)
  10. Take a stroll from the ‘Barrio Alto’ to the ‘Baixa’ Lisbon


Read Gloria’s articel here.

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