24 hrs only in Lisbon?

As the sunny day waned, she insisted we board a ferry to the far side of the Tejo – her secret bonus to our 24 hours in Lisbon. As commuters went one way and we went another, we seemed amazingly alone, the only people on Earth, taking the riverfront path along half-abandoned docks and warehouses that dead-ended at a tiny bar appropriately named Ponto Final. John Krich


Lisbon in 24 hours… ?

It doesn’t happen often. But sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you only have 24 hrs to experience a new destination.

Like John Krich – journalist and traveler – who used an old freinds birthday party in Portugal to write a 24 hours Guide to lisbon for Time Magazine


By Friday, with the clock ticking down on my allotted time in Lisbon, the unthinkable became the inevitable. I had to make my move. Besides, my lovely Lisboeta hostess had again made it easy by leading me to the Jardim das Amoreiras (Garden of the Blackberry Trees), a hushed, oblong refuge bordered by the stone stanchions of the city’s ancient aqueduct. She wanted me visit her favourite bastion of art and one of Portugal’s more obscure and untraditional museums, theFundacao Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva. John Krich


We still haven’t read John Krich’s guide in Times Magazine.

But his blog story about the whole experience of getting to Lisbon and – more important – his stories about the coincidenses that conect people that eventually turn an  relatively boring business-as-usual writing project into an adventure is just published on BBC.

Read the whol story here.


WARNING: Traveling is a dangerous drug – once you get hooked you can’t stop. Stories like John’s is one of the experiences that get people addicted.

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