Oitoemponto Privé, Lisbon

What a story. When Porto-based designers Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda found themselves checking in so much into the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon for the inspiration they gleamed from its chic interiors, one thing became glaringly obvious: the hotel itself posed the perfect setting for the design duo to house their boutique showroom. So that was exactly what the founders of architecture and design agency Oitoemponto proceeded to establish next.

BY Low Lai Cchow in BLOUINARTINFO – OCTOBER 14, 2015



Artur Miranda, Junko Shimada and Jacques Bec at the Oitoemponto and Junko Shimada Vernissage in Paris last year


Oitoemponot featured in INTROSPECTIVE Magazine, September 2015.

Vintage glamour, rigorous flamboyance and a serious sense of 21st-century fun define the work of Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda, the dynamic duo — partners both in work and in life — behind the Portuguese design enterprise Oitoemponto.


Jacques Bec & Artur Miranda style has always been marked by a high dose of glamour. According to their close friend, the furniture and jewelry designer Hervé Van der Straeten,

“The universes they create evoke the timeless decors of the James Bond films and the pared-down, joyful modernity of the sixties.”

Among Miranda’s aesthetic influences are the films of George Cukor and Alfred Hitchcock, the sets for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Barbarella.

“She’s my favorite heroine,”  he says of Jane Fonda’s 1968 science-fiction icon.

“She arrives in the middle of nowhere, looking marvelous, even when there’s no one to admire her.”

He’s also a huge fan of American design from the 1940s and ’50s by the likes of Paul Laszlo and T.H.Robsjohn-Gibbings:

“Their furniture is both comfortable and photogenic.”

Hervé Van der Straeten in INTROSPECTIVE Magazine


In case you don’t know who Artur Miranda & Jacques Bec are, what they are doing – and what they have done since they started working together in Oitoemponot in 1992 INTROSPECTIVE Magazine: Designer Spothlight feature from last mont’s issue.

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