Wednesday the Portuguese stars in the 2016 Michelin Guide edition were published

Most travelers find the Portuguise cuisine very good value. Maybe a little traditional compared to other Sout European countries like Spain, France and Italy.

The Portuguese cuisine is changing fast – and we love it.

Foodies are a little more ‘sceptical’. But the cuisine is far from as bad as The Times Magazine wrote earlier this year when Terbano do Mercado in London was awarded a ‘Bib’ by Michelin.

AND things are changing fast.

The last couple of years a lot of very talented and creative young chefs have developed the Portuguese cuisine and introduced new ways of creating the most delicious menus based on the fantastic local ingredients mixed whith inspiration from all over the world.

In our opinion the timing is perfect for food travelers.

Finding your own gastronomic gems is a fantastic way to discover a country. Thats one of pur favorite ways of discovering a city – searching for good restaurants and cafes is one of the ways we used to discovered Lison. And how we found Graca.

Antother  but (to us) more expensive way is to go Star Hunting.

If you belong to the latter the 2016 Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal was published a few days ago. Portugal has 28 stars in total – shared between the following restaurants.

Three Stars  


Two Stars 

One Star Portugal 

Guia-Michelin-Spain-Portugal-2016 Portugal Confidential

Portugal Confidential prsents all the Michelin Star Chefs – Click Pix.


Bon Appetit

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