Yesterday we were researching wines at The Adegga Wine Market 2015

Yesterday I went to the Adegga Wine Market

My first wine fair… and my first encounter with 50 wine suppliers all serving at least 5 different wines each!

20151205_155019How do you ‘attack’ all these wines?

Annette is the specialist and has her favorite districts. I have absolutly NO idea about wine.  But I know the strategy behind our upcoming lounge at Tings Lisbon.
Some of the key words are: affordable, quality, local… a very good platform to start your research from.  
So we high lighted all the reds from Annettes favorit district with prices below our max whole sale price and took all the suppliers one by one & included a few port wines, champagnes and roses from other districts…
I have never tasted so many different wines… very amusing. But I’m not sure I like the idea about spitting out all the wine. 
When we left we have chosen aorund 15 wines we like from around 10 suppliers. Each supplier will mail us information about the products so we can follow up.
So incase you still don’t know.  Starting up a new Hotel and Lounge is hard work 🙂
You can’t imagine how much I enjoyed to swallow the beers I had when we got home… 

Incase your interested in Lisbon

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