Christmas in Lisbon – if you are in town – Don’t miss The Enchanted Doors on Commercio


Why didn’t we know about this outstanding X.Mas video show that Visit Lisbon shows everyday at 7 pm, 8 pm & 9 pm on Praca Do Commercio?

We have seen a lot of events all over this planet – so it takes something special to impress us


When it has something to do with Christmas we fear the worst.


The fairs, markets, decorations, shows or most other christmas activities we have seen – around the world, in Lisbon and Copenhagen – have either been too commercial, too corny, too kitch, too cheap, too embarrasing or just too much.

So we were very sceptical when we saw a tweet from GoLisbon yesterday morning… about a videoshow called ‘The Enchanted Doors’ that is shown 10 days at Commercio.

We tried to find more information about the event. But it was difficult.


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Except for a few videos on Youtube and a post on VisitLisboa about something called a Video Mapping Show, it is really hard to get information about what is happening.

And the information we did find is not at all giving credit to the fantastic show we saw last night . We’re sure that the very ‘understated’ communication is one of the reasons why there were only a couple of hundreds people yesterday at 7 pm.

It was only because we feel that we have to know what is going on in the local tourist business that we managed to get our selves down from Graca .

And we’re very glad we did.

The Enchanted Doors is one of the best X-Mas experiences we have had in a very long time.



Venue: Praca Do Commercio

Duration: 15 minutes

Every nigth at 7 – 8 – 9 pm

Last day: 20th December


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