Portugal for Garden Lovers!

How often do you read travel advices for garden aficionados?

A recent trip to Portugal inspired our garden-loving travel group to add more color to outdoor spaces using tile….

Marianne Binetti wrote in The Daily News yesterday.   


She ends her story by listing a few tips for garden lovers who wants to use Portuguese tiles in their own gardens.

If a tile cracks or breaks from either the trip home or a hard winter, don’t despair. Broken bits of tile, china and ceramic plates can be used to create colorful garden mosaics on tops of tables, stone benches or garden stepping stones.


A very good advice – we use ourselves. Like on this table in our garden at Tings in Kathmandu – where Annette made a colorful flower mosaic from tiles we had left over from the construction of our bath rooms 🙂

Garden Table at Tings

The dish on the table is one of the classic items from Tings ‘Winter Menu’ Homemade Rillette de Porc. The beer is a cold Carlsberg

Read Marianne Binetti‘s story and all her Tile Tips in yesterday’s The Daily News

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