New York Times – 5 tips to Lisbon.

Where to Go in Lisbon?


This Thursday Chadner Navarro featured Lisbon in New  York Times.

All 5 ‘hot’ tips is less than 10 minuters walking away from Tings Lisbon in Graca 🙂


Largo Residência (Guest House, Bar, Bicycle Rental), A Vida Portuguesa (Shopping), Casa Independente (Bar, Restaurant & hide away) & O das Joanas (our favorite outdoor cafe) are all on Largo Intendente – the local Red Light District with a lot of very good night bars (and the place to buy a good smoke) – 5 minutes walk from Tings Lisbon.

The Retrox Vintage Shop (Shopping) on Rua Anjos 4 you can reach by food in 10 minutes – or 11 with a short coffee break.

Read the feature here.


To us locals its a surprise that he hasn’t found all the really interesting spots in ‘our’ hood in Graca.

Until I get the time to list our own personal favorites and post them on this blog call me if you want the list.



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