Best of Lisbon: Lisbon’s secret food spots

Lisbon’s secret food spots

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logo-in-portobayWith 32 years old and an amazing professional traveller résumé, Nelson Carvalheiro was consideredTravel Blogger of the Year in Europe, at Madrid’s Tourism Fair. “People, Travel and Food” is the travel blog that everyone is talking about, a place where stories are told, photographs are taken and travel tips are given to the ones that are curious enough to know all about it. All of that in English, so it would be easier to spread the word all over the world.

Check out Neslon’s 11 secret food spots in Lisbon on PortoBay.

  1. Cantinho Lusitano
  2. Merendinha do Arco
  3. A Baiuca
  4. Marisqueira Nunes
  5. Tasquinha do Lagarto
  6. Zé dos Cornos
  7. Ponto Final
  8. Varina da Madragoa
  9. Tasca do Vigário
  10. Zé da Mouraria
  11. Bistrô4

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