Interview with Bacco about the opening of Creation & Compulsion in Italian magazine.

“Creation and compulsion” Ravenna artist exhibits in Lisbon / TeoNews Yesterday.

The Creation as a creative act (of man, of artist, or of God), as a spontaneous and instantaneous gesture, as the big bang, as a creative gesture.
photo7-300x207The compulsion understood as dull repetition of a gesture, as the need to count the time, as infinite expansion of a pulse, as accumulation of resources, as folding itself around the timeline to become an uncontrollable spiral that leads to an explosion of energy. [….] These two forces, biting each other’s tails, has shaped the nature that surrounds us. In the works on display I try to visualize the ties that bind the two forces, their dialogue and their effects … It is hard to put into words, the vision that is the same Thing.

Read Anna Agati’s interview with Bacco Artonlini in TeoNews


The house for the upcoming Tings Lisbon has been empty since August

Instead of just being empty Bacco Artolini has used the house as his studio. The exhibition marks both an ending and  a beginning.

This huge elephant on the wall in the biggest room welcomed us when we entered the house for the first time. The room will be the future Tea Lounge and art space, but without the elephant.

It doesn’t make sense to have a big house nobody uses – a house that oozes art. The previous owners arranged several fantastic art projects before we bought it.

So when we met Bacco and realized that the art he showed us was created in a small room he shared with a friend, we gave him the keys and told him the house was at his disposal until we got the GO for the reconstruction.

A few weeks ago we got the GO for the project. So since the house will be renovated  and rebuild soon, Bacco’s art exhibition marks an ending of the ‘old house’ in Rua da Senhora do Monte.


The elephant Re-Mixed by Bacco Artolini

Art not only means a lot to us – art is also an important element in Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel in Kathmandu.

So this spontaneous idea also marks the beginning of hopefully many art projects with young talented artists.

So this exhibition is both a beginning and an ending.

Annette Tingstrup


The exhibition opens on Friday the 26th 7 pm.

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