Wallpaper praises the new MAAT that will open in 2016. TingsLisbon LOVES IT!!

Lisbon is about to get a new Museum for Art, Architecture and Technology

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A new landmark is about to land onto the long Lisbon waterfront; the brand new MAAT museum, situated in the Portuguese capital’s Belem district, has been taking shape and gearing up for completion later in the year, designed by London based architects AL_A.

The low-rise striking new building, sat along the city’s riverside, is designed to become Lisbon’s hot new cultural centre, the Museum for Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT). The curvy structure cleverly swells and ducks into the ground to form flexible exhibition halls that merge with some 7,000 sq m of new public space by the water.

Read the whole article: Architecture / 25 Feb 2016 / By Ellie Stathaki


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When MAAT – or the Museum for Art, Architecture and New Technoiegy – opens in 2016 it will change the whole infrastructure of Lisbon .

Together with Museu Coleção Berardo, Museuda Electricidade (next to MAAT) and LX Factory Alcantara & Belem will become a contemporary, multi medial, multi cultural art/design/technology hub that easily competes with Berlin, London, New York, Seoul and similar international art metropoles.

And remember. In 2016 Lisbon will host one of the biggest Web events in the world: WEB SUMMIT  2016.

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