7 Stunning Off The Beaten Track Places to Visit in Portugal


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Portugal has growing interest by all kinds of travellers.

Cheap good food, warm weather, top-notch Atlantic beaches and welcoming people have turned this little Atlantic-bordered country into a tourist hotspot in Europe.

Fortunately, there are much more places to visit in Portugal than the major cities – Porto and Lisbon – and definitely much more than the overcrowded Algarve.

Read The Planet D’s 7 off the beaten track destinations in Portigal here


Agree, Portugal has so much more to offer than Lisbon & Porto

The Planet D list their 7 off the beaten track destinations on their blog.

Except from São Miguel on Azores they can be reached either as day trips, with 1 nights stay over – or even better on a Portugal Circuit starting an ending in Lisbon.


One of our #5 beaches in the world (we have seen A LOT OF BEACHES) on the main road between Troja & Comporta only 1:30 hrs drive from Tings Lisbon.


Comporta is one of our absolute favorite beaches…
We don’t like the official Comporta beach itself – or the other official beaches near by. They are too crowed to our taste (though much less than the developed ‘developed’ beaches).

We always stop on the 20 km stretch between Troja and Comporta.  From the main road you have to force your way over huges sand dunes for 20 minutes. But your hard work is worth every second. When you climb the last dune you reach one of the best beaches in Europe. AND you will probably have it to yourself – our maybe together with a few dolphins passing by.

Swimming with Dolphins?

Except for São Miguel on the Azores we have been to all the destinations –  we will change that. We managed to get hold on some very cheap flight tickets to Azores on Sunday  (28 Euro pp round trip!), so in a week we will know if all 7 picks are fantastic – the other 6 ton The Planet D’s list  are spot on.

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