Alentejo Beaches according to The Guardian

A guide to Portugal’s Alentejo region, home of Europe’s finest beaches.

Not much has changed since Isabel Choat visited the Alantejo Beches in 2014. Click to read her story in The Guardian

Isabel Choat, 12.7.2014

One of the poorest, least-developed, least-populated regions in western Europe, the Alentejo has been dubbed both the Provence and the Tuscany of Portugal.

Neither is accurate. It’s scenery is not as pretty and, apart from in the capital Evora, its food isn’t as sophisticated. The charms of this land of wheat fields, cork oak forests, wildflower meadows and tiny white-washed villages, are more subtle than in France or Italy’s poster regions.
Isabel Choat, The Guardian, 12 July 2014



Praia da Zambujeira one of the most impressive beaches in Alentejo.

Not much has changed since Isabel Choat visited Alantejo back in 2014.

… or since we visited the beaches more than 20 years ago for that matter.

It’s scenery is still far from both Tuscany and Provence – you cant’ change that. And the food needs a small revolution to get just a bit closer to the two  gastronomy Mekkas in Italy & France. But it will change soon when the financial situation in Portugal improves.

BUT when it comes to beaches both Italy and France are way behind Portugal.

The beaches Isabel Choat visited in 2014 are stunning.  We went there less than a year ago in our rented car (24 Euro’s pr day) and stayed in much cheaper small hotels and guesthouses that she did.  In only  2 hours drive from our door in Graca you reach the best beaches in Europe in our opinion.

If you want to go to one of the #5 beaches IN THE WORLD it only takes only 1 hr.

20150919_134519Then go to the road between Troja & Comporta park the car and walk for 20 minutes.  Then you reach Robinson Crusoe Bounty beaches with powder sand, crystal water and dolphins

How many International Cities in the world offers that only 1 hr by car from Down Town?

Annette & Thomas

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