Lisbon is Europe’s best city right now – that’s why we open a hotel here :-)

Lisbon tops Condé Nast’s list of best places to go right now. Unfortunately our hotel will open in 2017


K1zuMEAv_400x400Lately Portugal has entered a second Age of Discovery – only this time the traffic is flowing in the opposite direction, as travellers from all corners of the globe make their way over land and sea to discover Portugal, and Lisbon in particular.

Steve King, Conde Naste Travel Magazine


If you are new to Lisbon and curious to know why it’s Europe’s coolest city read Steve Kings very good feature.

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There are 2 things you always see when you walk in down town. The Castle and the huge pine Tree on Miradouro Senhora do Monte – where Tings Lisbon will open

“The new Berlin, the new Barcelona… Whatever – this is the new Lisbon, with a style and a groove all of its own, and we are loving it for that”

This was travel journalist Laura Fowler’s comment to Lisbon’s #4 position on The Condé Nast Traveller Community’s list of the 10 hottest destinations for 2016.

In the magazine’s recently published Lisbon feature Steve King draws perspective lines from Portugal: as the last destination before the end of the world, over it’s colonial past, earthquake and political crises to the present day Portugal with its rise from the current financial crises. Factors that one way or the other make Lisbon the city we love today: Europe’s coolest and most interesting  city.

The Magazines lists of where to dine, drink, dance and shop have the usual suspects.

Our hood is not mentioned at all, neither is the upcoming parts of town that five or 10 years ago were no-go areas, or at least areas to which you had no obvious reason to go, and today have been reclaimed and reinvented.

The entire city is thronging with visitors bearing pleasantly baffled expressions that seem to say: Awesome. Who knew?

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