If you like VHILS you probably won’t find a better update on his Hong Kong exhibition Debris today than this one

We have relaxed the last days. So when I checked my Hashtags on Twitter I was drowning in stories about VHILS.

A lot of them are the usual press releases.

But after spending a few minutes  you find the goodies. Mostly online media… webzines, and blogs.

We haven’t seen the show – and we have no plans on going to Hong Kong. But from what I’ve read this morning its amazing. We saw his show at the EDP Power Plant in Belem a year ago. That was a good exhibition. But this one is better.

Here are my highlights from Twitter this Easter Sunday morning




zolima-new-logoIt hasn’t been long since Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto — better known as Vhils — drilled a portrait onto the wall of The Mills, the arts centre currently under construction in Tsuen Wan. Now he is back with an even more ambitious series of works in his mixed medium solo exhibition Debris. What is it about Hong Kong that inspires Vhils’ creativity?

Zolima City Mag.


Style-by-Asia-logo-square-720x480To be honest I’m not comfortable in making such an assessment as I’m an outsider myself. I do believe, however, that promoting interaction with foreign artists can be very positive for all sides, so it depends on how they work here and how they relate to the local reality and interact with local artists. On the other hand, I do feel that Hong Kong has vast untapped potential waiting to be given the right type of support. The city also has vast potential to increase investment in public art, which is always positive to humanise its environment and create new cultural attractions.

Read the VHILS interview in Style By Asia


Je ne connaissais pas le travail de Vhils, j’ai découvert ça hier et j’ai vraiment beaucoup apprécié. Si vous etes à Hong Kong, n’hésitez pas à y faire un tour, sinon j’esère que vous avez apprécié la visite.

See amazing photos on the French Expat Blog: La Butte Aux Cailles a Hong Kong


mass-appeal-magazine-2012VHILS TAKES OVER HONG KONG WITH ‘DEBRIS’


Mass Appeal


My Art Guide“Debris” will be one of the most encompassing and holistic presentations of Vhils’ artistic production, an expression of the quotidian tension that lies between the individual and the demanding environment of urbanity.

My Art Guide



Read whats trendning according to CLOTHESHORSE


hongkong-tatlerDine with Vhils: Bibo to Launch “Debris” Art-Inspired Menu

The restaurant will launch the Portuguese artist’s latest works with an invite-only cocktail event and an exclusive dinner showcasing an art-inspired menu

See the menu here: The Hong Kong Tatler

usatoday10bestNouvelle Cuisine at Hong Kong’s Bibo: Art for Food’s Sake

“Just as street or contemporary art breaks the law and the structures of traditional on-canvas art, Bibo breaks the laws of what fine dining is supposed to be and the structure of what a traditional white-tablecloth, subtle-music, fine dining restaurant is,” says Bibo.

USA Today vivited Bibo and had a talk about food and art. Read here


Haute de Cuisine vs Street Art. Chef Mutaro Balde creates VHIL’s dinner

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And off course Al Jazeera has brought the news

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