Gay Magazine ELSKA’s 4th issue is shot in Lisbon

1gBEuQrGElska Magazine is a bi-monthly male photography, culture and travel bookazine.

Each issue is shot in a different city with loval boys and local stories. 

Elska is made with love and celebrates honesty, diversity and the beauty of the everyday man. We are here to explore the world through it’s men, making you feel like a welcomed guest through each collectible issue.

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Welcome to the fourth issue of Elska, this time set in Portugal’s gorgeous capital, Lisbon.

From the editor’s welcome note

When I first arrived, I was stunned by the beauty, light and color. Why had no one told me about this place before? While it certainly can’t be classed as undiscovered, it’s a city that deserves to be higher on ‘best city’ rankings.

It seemed like the perfect time to make a Lisbon issue, contrasting the cool blues and greys of the preceding Reykjavík issue with a warmer palette. Of course, the weather’s a lot warmer too. As I write this, I’m sat at an open-air café in mid-January wearing a t-shirt, drinking a ‘galão’ coffee and pondering over the pastries on display.

The locals are all in coats and scarves, but for me a sunny 18°C is summer!

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