Forbes features Portuguese designers of men’s wear.

Forbes-Magazine-Logo-FontIt serves as the backdrop for H&M’s Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham ad: the city of Lisbon.

Portugal’s capital is praised for its architecture, cuisine, and more recently, its contemporary art scene. When it comes to fashion however, not much is known about the city, even if it seems to possess the required ingredients to be taken seriously as a menswear hub.

Can Lisbon Establish Itself As a Men’s Style Capital? asks Declan Eytan in Forbes. Read the whole story here.


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This year Lisbon celebrates 25 years of its local fashion week Moda Lisboa.

If you – like we – are interested local designers but always have problems finding the names and the brands you should read Declan Eytan’s story in Forbes yesterday where he takes the temperature on the Portuguese fashion industry anno 2016 with special focus on men’s wear.

It’s so much more than The Modern Essentials that David Beckham promotes the new commercial he shot for H&M in Lisbon earlier this year.

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