Street Art meets Littrature – a Graça Tour in only 20 minutes


For many years nobody really acknowledged the celebrated Portuguese writers Natália Correia, Angelina Vidal, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen and Florbelle Espanca’s contribution to Graça.

But in 2014 EBANO Collective took the initiative to honor & acknowledge these four poets for their contribution to Portuguese literature and their dedication to Graça by inviting a group of street artists to decorate a series of local walls in the poets honor.


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Have you ever visited the Bairro Estrella d’Ouro, Vila Sousa or Vila Berta?

Street Art meets Literature in Graca

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Not only did the street artists celebrate four local personalities.

Their fantastic walls also gave attention to parts of Graça’s nobody noticed before. And in particular attention to the hidden architectural heritage in Graça nobody knew the existence of unless they had personal relations to people living here.

We found all these places ourselves during our first walks in Graça years ago. We have stayed in Estrella before we got our own flat. And every time we walk among the houses in Villa Berta we can’t help smiling. We think they have named the area after Annette – her middle name is Bertha 🙂


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But it was only recently we got to know about the connection and relations between the poets, the walls and the very beautiful location and houses we have admired so long. It was during a research for something else that we found out that EBANO Collective has made a map of The-Street-Art-meets-Literature-tour that not only takes you through all the walls and places. It also includes the Botaquin Cafe – one of the best night bars in Lisbon (and the only true bohemian hang out we know of) at the Graça Miradouro – or Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen as its real name is. 


To make things a little easier for you we have made our own Google Map with the tour – easy to get from your mobile or tablet.

The Literature Street Art tour is a perfect way to start your holiday in Lisbon

In Copenhagen we lived in the same street where Hans Christian Andersen and Soeren Kierkegaard used to live. I Dublin we’ve walked in James Joyce’s food steps and for many years we always sipped Pastis in the cafes that Sartre and de Beauvoir used to frequent. It increases and improves our stay, when we know the neighborhood’s past, its places and its personalities – the spirits that surround us.

Maybe its the same for you. Maybe its not.

Whether it is or isn’t the Street art tour is the perfect introduction to Graca.

Not only can you walk it in 20 minutes – it takes you by all the best restaurants in town, fantastic specialty stores, Tram #28 and includes the two best viewpoints in Lisbon: 1) The most popular one: Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen and 2) The one with the best view: Miradouro da Senhora Do Monte – this is where Tings Lisbon will open – Next door to Angelina Vidal’s house.



The yellow house is Angelina Vidal’s house. The pink house next to it is ours where we – after a huge reconstruction – will open Tings Lisbon. The trees at the end of the street is the Miradouro with the best view in town.



The tour lasts 20 – 30 minutes. But as it not only takes you through one of the most interesting cultural villages of Lisbon but also some of the best unknown cafes, restaurants and bars in town (most of them completely unknown even to locals) there’s a risk that it lasts all day. Or even ‘worse’ your life… we moved to Graca 😉

If you are very curious about our favorites call us for names.

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