Fado is a good way to prepare your Portugal travel from home.

Fado Redux on Mixcloud is a very good entrance to the Portugese Fardo scene.

As mentioned many times before. We love music ūüėČ

Fado Redux

Fado Redux is a music venue in Lisbon. They have a very good Fado channel on Mixcloud. Follow them of Facebook for updates. CLCIK PIX.

Every time we go to a new country¬†we’re curious to get into the local music scene. Both the rock, jazz & EDM scene.

But also the local traditional scene like Flamenco in Spain, Salsa in South America, Tango in Buenos Aires, Ghazals in India and of course Fardo in Portugal.

We think its very difficult to find real authentic local music. We always end up with a room packed with tourists without a single local.

To find the Ghetto¬†Sound of Lisbon, the EDM scene and the venues for the more popular music was not difficult. But¬†when it comes to Fardo we haven’t found the right venue yet.

Until then we listen online.

And one of our favorite sources is the Fado Redux on Mixcloud.



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