A guide til the Lisbon Gay scene in Gay Times Magazine


Finding the best gay bars and clubs in Lisbon doesn’t entail taking a taxi into some dodgy suburb of town, but visiting Lisbon’s two coolest neighbourhoods, Bairro Alto and Principe Real, where as well as gay locals and tourists of all ages and descriptions, you’ll find straight couples, students, and groups of young, well dressed women all enjoying what Lisbon’s nightlife has to offer.

And not in a hen-party-on-Canal-Street kind of way, but in a way that feels integrated and natural.

Read David Miah guide to the Lisbon gay scene in Gay Time Magazine


Lisbon. An A-grade city break destination for gay tourists.

Lisbon is the queer kid in the playground of Europe. He’s quiet, unassuming, and a little isolated from his peers… the intro to David Miah’s guide to the Lisbon’s gay scene in yesterday’s issue of Gay Times.
Worth reading – also for heteros.

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