Miguel Jacobetty’s “An Office for an Apartment and” at MUDE DESIGN among the best design exhibitions in the world right now.

BAI_LogoFor those for whom the word ‘design’ conjures a domestic space first, and things to surround ourselves with in that space second, Blouin ARTINFO has selected top exhibitions around the world that focus on the home: its past, present, and future; its geography; and the mundane objects that we need in order to transform a space into a home.

Enjoy the tour.

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If you are interested in Interior Design why not combine sightseeing & shopping with a visit to MUDE next to the Augusta Arch?


0020160404_LF_DSC7660MUDE Design on Rua Augusta in down town Lisbon has one of the best interior design exhibitions in the world right now with Miguel Jacobetty’s: An Office for an Apartment.

This is a unique collection with outstanding asset value given its uniformity, condition, and technical documentation.

Besides being very representative of Miguel Jacobetty Rosa language during the 1950s, it has a unique formal quality and shows an excellent woodwork.

It is, thus, a rare and complete example of modern Lisbon private interiors of the 1950s made known thanks to the donation granted.


Information about MUDE and the exhibition here

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