Lisbon Investment Summit 7-8 June 2016


The Lisbon Investment Summit is a surprisingly informal and slightly unexpected startup conference, that brings together Europe’s top investors, entrepreneurs and executives
to Lisbon this June.


Lis Inv

In the last few years Lisbon has grown to be one Europe’s coolest startup hubs.

It has seen the rise of companies such as Talkdesk, Uniplaces, Unbabel, Codacy, Outsystems or Feedzai. It has attracted the attention of VCs from all over the world and it has been called by the media as the new Berlin or Europe’s Silicon Valley.

But, truth is, Lisbon is much more than that. As the President of Beta-i told the Web Summit: We are a far cry from the zombie lifestyles of some of the bigger tech hubs. We don’t need to be the Silicon Valley of Europe, we can be Lisbon. And it’s this Lisbon you’ll get to see.

Meet the game-changers who made it all happen. Connect with an exciting community of entrepreneurs, developers and designers. Get inspired by relaxing at the beach or by talking a walk downtown for a drink. And do all that, before everybody else gets here…

Info about program, attendants and ticket here.

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