We just found ‘darker lisbon’ by Jea Pics. A super collection of b/w photos.

There are photographers and then there are the rest of us!

I shoot around 30 photos every day. I never use our camera – I don’t even know where it is. I use my Samsung GALAXY and upload all photos on the cloud. The perfect way to store you life when if you’re on the road as much as we are.

Elevador de Santa Justa,.jpg

It’s embarrassing to see a motif like this with completely strangers, odd light and no sense of details. Hmmm..

I only rarely shoot photos of tourist sights and attractions. And when I do, it’s because I need pictures for this blog and don’t want to pay for a professional one. Like yesterday when I passed by the Elevador de Santa Justa that connects down town Lisbon with Bairo Alto. I couldn’t remember when I last saw it without being under construction, and as I know I want to write a Guide to all the elevators in Down Town, I know I will need it.  

Otherwise I only shoot pictures of art, music, shades, old signs or what ever comes to my mind.

Most of us take horrible photos!

Sometimes you get too fed up with amateur photographers (like ourselves) all shooting the same motives and share them on the same social networks. If we want to be creative, we either edit our photos in the predefined filters on Instagram, Google Photos etc, or use inventions like Selfie Sticks, weird tripods you can have in your pocket, cap and/or bike cameras and all the other gadgets that are part of the traveler’s survival kit

Let’s be honest – on a good day our photos are OK. And maybe one out of 1,000 are GOOD.But most of them only serves our purpose – to show family and friends at home where we are (and why are you not here).

Personally I have no ambitions of becoming a photography artist

But when I see the works of a good photographer – one of these creative minds that not only see details and/or motives that are hidden to the rest of us, but also knows what techniques to use to create the right ambiance, I get so embarrassed when I think about our own photos we have shared on our various blogs.

Like this morning where I found Jane’s aka Jea.Pics’ photos darker lisbon on Behance. See a few of them below – and if you like what you see –

Check out more from her darker lisbon here.

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