Architecture when its best: Paiva Walkways 3:30 hr from our hotel in Lisbon

One of the best adventure destinations in Portugal is only 3 hrs from our hotel in Lisbon.

Paiva Walkways are located on the left bank of the Paiva River, in Arouca municipality, Aveiro, Portugal.

8 km untouched walk surrounded by unique beauty of landscapes, in an authentic natural sanctuary along the brave waters downhills, quartz crystals and endangered species in Europe.

The route extends from the river beaches of Areinho and Espiunca, lying between them, the Vau beach. A journey through biology, geology and archeology that will remain, of course, in heart, soul and in mind of any nature lover.

From Paiva Walkway’s website


A Wild and Winding Stairway to a Portuguese River

the-new-york-times-logoWhen I recently spent a day there (picnic included), I took in a stunning waterfall in the middle of the mountains, then walked down the winding stairs (the walkways are almost five miles long) and along the wooden promenade by the river.

When I arrived at Vau Beach, I took a dip in the clean waters of the Paiva, then rested on the sand, closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the river. It renewed my soul.

Read Daniel Rodrigues’ story in The New York Times

Daniel Rodrigues’ story about his visit to Paiva Walkways close to Porto just clicked in on my twitter this morning.

A good excuse to update and re-post the photo feature we shared when designboom ran a feature of this amazing destination shortly after its opening in 2015.

Nelson Garrido documentes the dizzying Paiva Walkways in Portugal

… to capture the route’s dizzying directions and arresting views, photographer Nelson Garrido has shared a photo essay documenting the different parts of the path and its relationship to the stunning landscape. see the birds-eye-view photos.

Check out the fantastic photos on designboom


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Portugal keep surprising us with its hidden treasures

Paiva Walkways is one of them.

Before we got the update from designboom we had no idea that it existed. And after reading about it – and especially after seeing Nelson Garrido’s amazing photo – this destination tops our bucket list of weekend trips from Lisbon. The walk path and the surrounding settings are stunning.

It’s a big mystery why we haven’t heard about this place before – after all we have traveled in Portugal for almost 25 years.


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