Portugal’s first ‘Cat Café’ to open in Lisbon

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We love cats at Tings

Part of our ‘services’ at Tings Kathmandu is our cats. We have had 5 cats – but right now we have one. ALLY who has been with us for 5 years.

When we return to Kathmandu Dorjee will have two new kittens.


… and our guests love them too.

When its cold Ally shares his heat, if you need company he jumps to your lap and starts purring. If you feel sad or lonely he comes and spread his love. If kids get bored he plays with them.

For most of our guests the biggest privileged is sleeping with him.


We miss our cats

But until we opens Tings we will have to live with out them. But in case of emergency we now have a solution. Aqui há Gato – Lisbon’s first Cat Cafe that opened last week.

Cat lovers in Lisbon will be happy to know that a new establishment is set to open where furry felines are on hand to keep customers company.

The venue, the first of its type in Portugal, offers coffee, books and light meals to its patrons as well as the company of its four-legged feline residents.

Check out their website here.

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