Here is the answer to the question you all ask: How do they do it?

First time we traveled in the developing countries we always asked ourselves: How do people “do it”?

German Girl doing her thing 2

We are of course talking about “doing it” in an hole in the ground – or about the more luxurious version – “do it” on a squatting toilet as a big part of the world do: After having traveled and lived in the shitting-in-a-hole-part-of-the-world for more than 20 years we not only know how to ‘do it’.

We’re quiet good at it 🙂

After moving to Lisbon and after seeing all the mobile homes parking for days around town, we asked ourselves the same question How do they do it?


5 minutes ago we got the answer

It may not be the way ALL mobile home travelers “do it” – but at least it’s how this German girl does it… and right in front of our window – and only 10 meters from one of the cleanest public toilets you can find in Portugal. BTW The Graca Miradouro is one of the most popular tourist sights in Lisbon 🙂

People are strange.

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