Wednesday 18th of May is International Museum Day.

A Night at the museum
Hundreds of activities in 79 museums and Palaces all over Portugal invites locals and tourists to join The International Museum Day and the following A Night At the museum. A unique opportunity to visit areas of the restricted parts of the museums that are normally open only to staff, to attend guided tours, workshops and ateliers for all ages.


The program is fantastic with hundreds of activities all over Portugal on the 18th and on the followinG Night At The museum on the 21th.

79 Museums, monuments and palaces all over Portugal is part of this event with hundreds very diverse outdoor and indoor activities on both The International Day on the 18th and its European ‘leg’ A Night At The Museum on 21th.

All palaces, museums and related events ARE FREE

Download the amazing 55 page program here


A Night At The Museum - 21 May 2016, Castelo S. Jorge

Click pix for info

We are not the biggest museum goers… but we will definitely join  Casteo S. Jorge’ With Lisbon at the feet on the Night At The Museum.

 And more will come when we get the time to go through all the activities.


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