What food gifts to bring home from Portugal



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Food-related souvenirs and gifts can be difficult to select. They’re too big or too heavy to travel with (kitchenware). They’re illegal (ham, salami, cheese, etc.).

They’re mistakes in the making (craft items that look great in situ but are unutterably tacky once they arrive home). Chocolate melts; other confections get sticky or stale.

The Best Gift From Lisbon Comes in a Can

Huffington Post’s travel, cooking and food writer Edward Schneider had difficulties finding food related gifts to bring home after his visit to Portugal last week. 

When he and his wife Jackie stumbled into what is now his favorite place for canned-fish shopping: the Loja das Conservas at 130 Rua do Arsenal he got the idea. Canned Fish!!!

Its of course a good idea – we have used them as presents from friends ourselves. But when we really want to give friends a treat – and at the same time surprise them with true delicacies from this amazing country canned food is not topping our list.


Why not surprise friends at home with quality sea salt from the Atlantic Sea produced in Algarve’s salinas?

Here are some foodie alternatives to fish in cans

  • Olive Oil – Portugal has two olive oils from Alantejo on top 10 of the best  best olive in the world last year
  • Sea Salt – some of the best salt in the world is from the salinas in Algarve
  • Portwine – I’m not a specialist. But my friends praise this historic. Especially the vintage ones.
  • Ginjinha – again. Not my game. But its authentic, special and something for the girls.
  • Absinthe – Admitted, It was more interesting 10 years ago when Portugal (together with Denmark) was the only country in Europe who hadn’t banned this classic liquor. But still it thrills people to get the bottle. Especially if you also bring an authentic Absinthe Spoon.
  • Tea from Azores – we just bought 2 big bags for our tea menu at Tings Tea Lounge in Kathmandu. One bag for each of the two producers.
  • Jams – another of Portugal’s more unknown delights. Try the carrot jam or the walnut jam.
A Vida Portuguese

A Vida Portuguese is one of the best places to shop local delicacies. I usually have a cup of coffee at Dos Joanas next door.

So where do you find all these items

The best way is of course to travel around and shop locally. But most travelers wont have time for that.

Tourist shops like Loja das Conservas (there are a lot scattered around down town) are the travelers most popular choice. But if you like food there are a lot of better places to shop. We recommend A Vida Portuguesa on Largo Intendente only 10 minutes walk from Tings Lisbon. Here you combine shopping with tile-sightseeing in one of the most beautiful tile squares in town. And/or combine it with lunch or dinner in one of Avenida Almirante Reis many culinary gems. 

But hurry up – this hidden gem is changing fast!



The Lengendary Cervejaria Ramiro is one of the Av. Almirante Reis’ many culinary gems

Avenida Almirante Reis in Lisbon is a street most tourist never get to see, those who do generally booked some budget hotel from where they taxi their way to the more popular areas of Lisbon.
The Almirante Reis avenue is a street full of history, contradiction and honest culinary surprises that are affordable and ‘real’ and that haven’t been spoiled yet by the tourist masses that have been visiting Lisbon in the past years, the locals know this and it’s time you do also! Read more on GoDiscover Portugal




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