Before you go to these amazing beaches an hour from Tings Lisbon you should read this :-)

Summer is getting closer and – for sun lovers like us – the urge for sandy beaches and clear blue water gets stronger

Judging by the activities on the internet, we are not the only ones who feel that way. The number of beach updates we’ve received these days on various networks are 100 folds bigger than the last many months.

Most of them we just skip.

Only a very few ones gets our attention. Like the tweet from a traveler who recommended a day trip to Beach 19.

Beach 19???!!!

We have never heard about neither Beach 19 nor who are the organizers of the direct tours from Lisbon.

After seeing these amazing photos…

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… and after seeing how close these beaches are to Lisbon

… we just can’t wait to go there.


We got a little surprise when we read the highlighted text box.

All you need to know about Beach 19
Beach 19 is a very large gay nude beach which is part of a Nature Reserve. The name comes from the fact that the zone around the stop number 19 of the beach train became the area most popular with gays. Beach 19 is the “gay-section” of a very extensive stretch of sand known as Costa da Caparica. It is officially a nude beach (by law) but you can opt between being naked or keeping your swim-suit.


We are very hetero – and we don’t care at all about peoples sexual orientation

And we don’t mind sharing beaches with neither LGBT’s nor nudists or both for that matter.

But other less open minded sun & beach lovers may feel differently.  So now you know.

To the rest of us Beach 19 and Praya do Meco definitely look  like they are worth a visit.

We can’t wait to go.


Lisbon BeachLisbonBeach Tours allow you to discover and explore the best of Lisbon, always with a fun and friendly LGBT environment.

You can learn the History of Portugal, observe the unique architecture, taste the local food, enjoy the gay beaches and make friends!

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