Lisbon like a local & Living La Vida Lisboa

Ireland’s largest-selling daily newspaper The Irish Independent featured Lisbon twice in May


The Irish IndependetnIs Portugal’s capital too hip for its own good?

Not if you mix old and new, says Lorraine Courtney in her story: Lisbon like a local – The best of old and new in Portugal’s hipster capital in Saturday’s paper.

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Lorraine adds some interesting shops, restaurants, art venues and places-to-go to the lists of the usual hipster suspects. But for strange reasons she doesn’t mention the hood around  Mercado de Arroios where you find VHILS, trendy hipster vintage shops and locally brewed IPA’s everywhere. And what about Marvila and LX Factory?


The Irish IndependetnCould Lisbon be Europe’s most exciting city break destination? 

… Sarah Marshall asked herself the Saturday before (on the 20th). After reading about the city’s progress since her first encounter 14 years ago it’s not difficult to guess her answer.

For decades, Lisbon has been trapped in a wonderful time warp: specialist shops still sell products from behind wooden counters and weathered doorways reveal historic interiors untouched for years.

But now change is happening at an accelerating pace, and there’s a palpable energy in a city that’s drifted aimlessly for so long

Read her story here.


The two articles are among the better ones we’ve read recently. There are of course several repeats from similar stories in other news papers and magazines. We agree in most of the advices and recommendations and even have a few added to our own bucket list.

Definitely worth reading before going.



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