The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Raveonettes, Killing Joke, The Oresund Space Collective ao visit Lisbon

I 2013 Cinemateket in Copenhagen held their annual International Musik Filmfestival with the best program ever!

Among the highlights of the program was DIG! – about the music industry’s battle to sign The Brian Jonestown Massacre and/or The Dandy Warhols. One of the best music documentaries ever made.

Nothing happens in Kathmandu on the art and culture scene. So seeing this program was difficult – especially since I was working at Capitol during the battle and remembered the hype.

The good thing about Kathmandu is that that everything is possible. So what was meant as a funny comment to my friend and festival curator the Torsten Hvass why don’t we make a Musik Film Festival in Kathmandu – I MUST see DIG! ended up becoming reality.

3 months later we kicked off Kathmandu International Filmfestival 2013. And I saw DIG! for the first time.

Kathmandu, 2 June



Why all this talk about BJM?

Check out this program below – then you will know why 🙂

On 9 September The Brian Jonestown Massacre enters the stage at the Reverence 2016 in Valada only 1 hrs drive from Lisbon.

Not only are they headlining the program on the 9th – on the same day plays another top act The Raveonettes from Denmark.

The following day is retro day with old favorites like The Damned, The Sisters of Mercy & Killing Joke topping the program.

BUT the the band I’m personally looking forward to see is Oresund Space Collective – their Spacerock / Spacepop / Spaceimprovisations is the most interesting music coming from Denmark I’ve listened to in many years.


20160519_160438 cropped 1

This is one of the most interesting festivals we’ve seen in Lisbon this year. Listen to highlights and recommendations here.



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