RA in Residencecelebrates at the world’s best dance floors. Tonight they take over Lisbon!

RA in Residence celebrating 12 of the world’s best dance floors.



ClRA in Residenceubs are the beating heart of dance music

RA In Residence throws the spotlight on venues that keep their local scenes flourishing. Week-in, week-out, these clubs—and hundreds of others in cities across the globe—open their doors to play the music we love.

RA In Residence provide a platform to nurture upcoming talent and showcase revered international guests in an environment with great sound and dedicated staff.

Without clubs, we have no club culture: the people, the sounds, the moments. Now is time to celebrate that.


After 15 years of participating in and supporting club culture, RA In Residence has decided to take up residence at 12 of the world’s finest clubs.

Throughout 2016, RA In Residence teams up with one club every month to host four events that highlight what makes these places so special.

The goal is to celebrate venues that maintain the highest standards of production, programming and artistry.


DON’T MISS THIS ONE: The best Portuguese DJ’s right now opens tonight!

We’re not big fans of the South European DJ sound. We find it too cheesy and childish.

However, Lisbon has a scene we LOVE – the sound that is influenced by their African colonial past aka The Ghetto Sound of Lisbon. The blend of Afro Beats and international grooves is UNIQUE. People can’t stop dancing, sweating, smiling and hugging.

Tonight 3 of the best Portuguese DJ’s right now shares their beats and grooves at LUX: MarfOX, Nigga Fox & Lilocox & Maboku.

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