June is dedicated to all the saints with parties all over town.

Festas Lisboa 2016 LOGOThe Santo Antonio Festival takes place in Lisbon every year in June, usually 12th and 13th of the month. It is a celebration of Portugal’s patron saint, Santo Antonio, to whom many miracles have been attributed.

He is considered to be many extraordinary things, most commonly the keeper of lost things. However in Portugal he has a specific yet vast role, including that of a defender of animals, a healer, the guardian of good marriages and the protector of the souls of purgatory.

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The Graca Miradouro right now.

The Santo Antonio Festival 16 kicks of today in Graca


Probably the best beer in the world… This is NOT a new Carlsberg add. Thomas shot the truck in front of our house after his morning swim this morning. One of the many that has been bringing beers all day

.In June, the month of the Festas dos Santos Populares (Feast Days of the Popular Saints), the Lisbon nights are filled with lively festivities that take over the city’s historical center.

The biggest saints of them all – Santo Antonio – is celebrated every where on the night between the 12th and 13th of June – this Sunday evening and night.

The last 3-4 days Graca has been literally closed for traffic.

The parking on the Largo has been taken over by lots of white tents, mobil kitchens, huge mobile bars, several open BBQs and a huge stage.

And on the Miradouro – less than 20 meters from our flat – people are setting up more bars, food stalls, and tents and tables.

In a few hours the party will be kicked off and people will celebrate until Monday morning… and since we can’t ‘beat’ them we’ll join the fun.


The party starts tonight!

The party in Graca starts tonight. Or the parties – there are several spread around the neighborhood.

In Rua Da Senhora Do Monte our second home Cafe Do Monte started their party yesterday with Sangria from Draft, Pregos and Scarry Monsters.

All cafes and bars have moved outdoor and decorated their temporary bars with colorful garlands, green manjericos and ranges of draft bars that serves chilled beer, vino verde and sangria.

And the now legendary Arraial da Vila Berta has been serving fresh sardines, bread and caldo verde since 3 June in maybe the most interesting historical architectural settings in Lisbon.

vila berta 1910.jpg

Santo Antonio Festival at Vila Berta anno 1910

The Vila started appearing on the radar after the Tojal family decided to organize Popular Saints Festivals.

A few years ago the residents in Vila Berta got inspired by a picture from 1910 and organized a closed Santo António Festival.

The parties transformed the neighborhood. Yet, contrarily to what happens in the rest of the city, Vila Berta’s parties are more organised thanks to involvement from all the residents and the security guards.

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From Vila Berta 2013

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