The Guardian brings the most interesting ‘Best of Lisbon’ we’ve seen, so far…

glogo-460x276A spies walking tour, secret gardens, a new museum, great restaurants and even ‘the world’s sexiest loo’.

The Guardian have asked their readers about their favourite secret spots and experiences in Lisbon.


Lissabon - Cassablance

You must remember this… the plane to Lisbon from Casablanca is one of many WW2 references on The City of Spies walking tour that tops The Guardian’s readers Best of Lisbon list.

We might as well say it straight away. This list is only for travellers who know Lisbon through several visits

… or travellers who has a special interest in some of the picks on The Best of Lisbon list The Guardian just published, based on input from their readers.

Like the winning tip: The City of Spies tour where you walk in the footsteps of the Allied and/or Nazi spies, who lived and did business in Lisbon during WW2, when the city became a rendezvous spot for spies, taking advantage of its strategic Atlantic connections.


RENOVA Woilet Paper


Or toilet fetishists that get a kick out of wiping their a**** in toilet papers in all colors of the rainbow… another of the more exotic tips from The Guardian’s readers.


We know most of the tips on the list – and have tried/visited half of them

Like The Chapito in Alfarma (NOTE: They got new owners a year ago and – depending on the time of visit – may not be ‘the same’ as mentioned on the list. But the view is fantastic).

Or The Park that is our preferred spot for music and sun-downers… very relaxed with super DJ’s and young crowed.

If you – like we – come from the jazzy part of the world you may find Hot Clube de Portugal (one of the oldest jazz clubs in Europe) a bit touristic – but its a super place where the biggest part of the experience depends on the music/performers.


Check out the list here. ENJOY!


Thomas loves Best of Lists. He is currently working on his own Best of Lisbon that will include a record shop (one of the best in Europe), Magazine Shop, a few restaurants and bars and some picks he can’t categorize.

He doesn’t know when it will be finished – so far it has been work-in-progress for 2 years.


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