Green Graça gets greener – In november we will be the greenest spot in Lisbon

Largo da Graça under re-construction

New Graca


The Plan

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The area involved covers the entire open space to the east and south of Convento da Graça and extends to the West to Rua Damasceno Monteiro (to the junction Calçada do Monte that leads to Tings Lisbon) and Rua da Pereira (to the junction with the Villa Berta).

The zone off the source of the Convent is limited to the south by Rua Voz do Operário by Rua da Verónica,  Regimento Sapadores Bombeiros (the Fire Brigade), in front of buildings that includes the Escola Oficina nº1  and extends to travessa de S. Vicente; and to the north by rua da Graça.


Largo da Graça – Before & After

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The new project creates one of the most interesting green areas in Lisbon.

When the project is finished it will integrate three parts of Graça. Largo da GraçaJardim Augusto Gil and the Graça Miradouro aka Miradouro ad Sofia de Mello Breyner

A total 15.620m² green paradise – and if you include the new Graça Park 3 stairs down from the Miradouro its at least twice the size.

We can’t think of any other part of Lisbon as green as Graça.


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