Today is a music and party day.

If you don’t know how to spend our Saturday… Don’t panic

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We have two huge parties in our hood.

thumbLisbon Pride 2016

15 minutes walk from our door – at Terreiro do Paco (end of the Blue Metro line, just around the corner from Commercio)  –  Lisbon Pride 2016 starts at 4 pm.

Freedom, diversity and equality are the theme for a large party of music, food and fun.

Entrance is free.

Check program here


FNAC LIVE 2016FNAC Live 2016

Just outside of our window – on the Graca Miradouro – they are having soundcheck on the big stage that was build during the night.

Here  and og 6 other venues in Graca only – 15 upcoming local bands and DJ’s will perform (for free) until our favorite club Damas closes the party around 4 am.

A unique chance to hear som of the best new Portuguese acts AND experience the soul og Graca.

Check program here


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