Lisbon’s best festivals

The London EconomicWith Glasto diehards now making their way homwards, it’s official: festival season has begun in earnest.

There’s plenty to keep us occupied at home, but if music plus sun is your dream holiday, here are six of the festivals in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.

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We love music – and we love going to concerts when we travel.

Like in all other areas Lisbon is picking up on the music scene. We don’t have a week without at least one festival, concert and/or music event in all kinds of genres.

A month ago Rock in Rio kicked off the season for the big international Music event with Bruce Springsteen headlining the program… and a few days later AC/DC kicked off the concert season with their debut show featuring Axl Rose, with Adele following up the week after.

Now its time for the traveling Rock Circus… the festivals that ‘tour’ Europe – or rather the festival with the all the international artists that tour Europe at the same tim and are on all the festivals all over Europe  – something that give travelers an opportunity to combine their holiday with a concert or two.

Are you going  to Lisbon here are some of the bigger festivals that The London Economics high lighted yesterday. We added the Reverence Valada 2016 festival which TLE somehow forgot… we blogged about this festiva a few weeks ago.

Have a fantastic music summer holiday


Nos Alive Algés Promenade, Lisbon; 7th-9th July 2016

Super Bock Super Rock Parque das Naçoes, Lisbon; 14th-16th July 2016

Musa Cascais Cascais, 30th June-2nd July 2016

EDPCoolJazz Oeiras; 12th-27th July 2016

Festival ao Largo Millennium bcp  Near Teatro Nacional de São Carlos; 8th – 30th July 2016

O Sol da Caparica Costa da Caparica, Almada, 11th-14th August 2016

Reverence Valada 2016, in Valada 1 hr from Lisbon, 8th-10th September 2016



NOTE: Some of the headlining superstar acts are already sold out… like Radiohead. But there at lots of other concerts in town  So don’t panic.

If you’re planning to visit Lisbon next year and want to combine it with a festival, remember the dates – the festivals usually happens around the same weekends…

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